Try something new this Christmas! By Dal Huai

Large nutcracker in front of a Christmas Tree

Happy December everyone I’m Dal! In this blog, I will be sharing ideas of festive things to do to try to spice up your Christmas! Celebrating Christmas does not always have to be about following rigid traditions. This year, try some of these recommendations to have fun with friends, families, yourself and loved ones!


The essence of a Christmas dinner is bringing together loved ones to the same table, catching up and relaxing! In the UK, a traditional Christmas dinner is often incomplete without roast dinner, most often roast turkey with stuffing, mash or roast potatoes, gravy, mince pies and brussel sprouts.

This year, try adding a new menu item for the dinner or swap out the traditional dinner completely! You could try making a family’s favourite or try a Christmas meal from another country! My family’s favourite was chicken soup paired with coriander and black pepper (and lemon for the tangy flavour lover). You can never go wrong with a good soup and carb.

Here are some soup and carb combos you could try out:

  • Clear Chicken ginger soup + Biryani
  • Miso Pork soup + Rice
  • Chicken Leek soup + Baguette
  • Mushroom Soup + Sourdough Bread
  • Beef broth + Rice Noodles (Pho)
  • TomYum Soup + Jasmine Rice
  • Chicken Stew (kind of a soup) + Basmati Rice

And many more!


A mug of hot chocolate in warm clothes is always a very cosy vibe. Although nothing could go wrong with hot chocolate, try something different this year. There are some interesting tea blends out there that you could try like apple spiced tea. You could also try making some eggnog cocktails (or mocktails). Christmas is the perfect time to expand your tastebuds!


Christmas films often bring a warm feeling when you watch with loved ones. Films such as Home Alone and The Grinch comes to mind are always a family classic. Once the children are tucked in bed, I recommend that you watch Christmas horror films such as Krampus! Nothing like a good chill after the initial warmth. Rotten tomatoes have a good list of Christmas horror films to watch so do check it out!

If horror is not your thing, try watching some more adult films such as Bad Santa or Die Hard.

Hope you do try these recommendations! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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