Between the lines – A discussion group

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‘Between the Lines’ is an inclusive space for conversations, which will meet once a month to reflect on race, culture and identity through films, podcasts, talks, books and journal reviews. The Student Success and Engagement team have brought this initiative to life because they have found a need among students to create an approachable space on campus to engage in these discussions.  

Interest is all you need to join this group; it is okay if you don’t know enough about a topic, you’ve never talked about it before or you feel uncomfortable. This is an opportunity for you to explore and learn more about those topics that we don’t usually discuss in an academic environment through conversations. This is a space for everyone to be listened to and heard. There will also be snacks and drinks available!

Let’s connect for the first time on 27 January at 13:00-14:00 in Edith Morley 141!

We will initiate the first of our six gatherings by discussing the growing issues behind our social identity; Will I fit in?, How would you define yourself?, Where do you come from? These are all questions that we are constantly asking ourselves consciously and unconsciously. During this session, we will be discussing where these questions arise from and what impact they have. 

These are the resources that will be used for the discussion. Please go through them in advance: 

  • Where are you really from? – a podcast from Code switch produced by Anjuli Sastry Krbechek, Diba Mohtasham and Julia Furlan  
  • Tell me about your identity crisis –  TED talk by Cedrice Webber.
  • We are not all that different: race and culture identity TED talk by Seconde Nimenya.

If you are interested in attending this event, please fill in our registration form. We look forward to seeing and speaking to you soon!

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