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University of Reading Campus

The University of Reading has lots of faculties where students can mingle with students following the same or similar degree or career paths. However, as you walk around the Whiteknights campus, you may have noticed buildings that are not specifically designated to a subject of study. These buildings serve multiple purposes and it is likely that all student will have to go to one or all of them at some point. Many of these buildings provide very valuable services and it is very useful for students to become familiar with them! 

Palmer Building: This is likely the first building you will go as a student. Here you will be enrolled and receive your student card. During intake week IT helps students sign into their accounts and connect their devices to the internet. The Palmer building also holds the halls Welcome Talks (previously, these have been transferred online for this year) and general seminars, including some talks you can count towards the Red Award. It also holds midterms and finals during exam season. 

The Palmer Building at University of Reading
The Palmer Building

Fun fact! The Palmer building will sometimes hold small fairs (like Halloween 🎃) where you can find small stands belonging societies and even students showing their handmade creations (although this may be cancelled or altered this year to abide by the governments rules). 

Carrington Building: This building is located very close to Palmer and it has several services a student might need. This includes: 

  • The careers centre: for vocational and career advice. 
  • The welfare team and counselling services: where you can find pastoral advice to help navigate university life. 
  • Accommodation office: for anything related to living in halls 
  • Student support: for general guidance. You can find information for all services around campus. New students can also get guidance in matters such as tuition payment and creating a bank account. 
  • Immigration offices: for consultations. This office is particularly useful to international students who might want to know the details of their visas. 
  • Campus Jobs: This office deals with most of the jobs around campus. It is a great way for students to make some extra money. 

Fun Fact! Between the Palmer and Chancellors buildings, there is a small café called  Dol.che Vita. It has recently become fully vegetarian! 

Carrington building at University of Reading
Carrington Building

Edith Morley: This building is one of the largest at university. It used to be called HUMSS but was changed in 2017 to honour the professor of English Language Edith Morley, who was designated to the position in almost one hundred years before in 1908. It offers many classes for international and language courses. I believe every student at some point has a class, seminar, or exam here. The building also has the Ure Museum and a very large auditorium named the Van Emden Lecture Theatre where students and faculties can sometimes attend large lectures and movie screenings. The building has several floors and it can be quite tricky to navigate. Some say you have become truly familiar with Whiteknights when you can successfully find your way around Edith Morley! 

edith Morley Building at University of Reading
Edith Morley Building

Fun fact! Edith Morley was once visited by Queen Elizabeth in 1957 when it was called HUMSS. You can see a little video of it around YouTube if anybody is interested! 😊 

Chancellor’s BuildingDifferently from the previous three buildings that are located near the square, this building is further away. However, it is very close to the bus station, so it can be convenient for students who commute using the bus. In this building, many language classes are taken, particularly the ones to practice dialogue and casual conversationSimilarly, to Palmer building, it also holds exams during finals. 

Students using the university bus stop
Chancellor’s Bus Stop

Besides the obvious services, all of these buildings provide a great opportunity to meet students outside of your immediate circle. This can be through language classes, lectures, society meetings, exams, or just hanging around the cafes ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡). 

Thank you for reading today’s blog, let me know what you think in the comments below! I hope you have a great day!

Florencia Botta

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