Staying safe cycling this winter

Image of a bike with someone riding it.

With the weather getting colder and the roads slippery, we encourage students and staff to be extra cautious riding their bikes. From getting tyres with extra grip to repairing or replacing their front and rear lights, there are many ways cyclists can take care in winter and Dr. Bike is here to teach them in our weekly sessions.

Here are a few ways to stay safe while cycling this winter:

  • By following cycling guidelines for sharing space safely with other cyclists, pedestrians and drivers on and off campus.
  • Switching to tyres with extra grip to avoid skidding on slippery roads.
  • Practicing proper bicycle maintenance and enduring your bike is safe to ride
  • Attending Dr. Bike weekly sessions on campus.

Dr. Bike sessions

To keep your bike in top condition come along to one of our regular Dr. Bike sessions on campus which includes:

  • Dr Bike every Wednesday during term time from 12pm until 2pm in Palmer Quad: providing free safety checks. Minor repairs are often fixed on the spot and recommendations given for essential maintenance work when you drop in.
  • Cycle Training: from beginner to road commuter also available every Wednesday in term time from 12pm until 6pm and other days by appointment. Free emergency bike lights for all participants.

For more information, please see Cycle Training UoR  or email

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