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Winter season is almost here and it truly makes me excited. December is my favourite month of the year due to all the festive celebrations going on. I never get bored as there is so many activities to partake in, whether by myself, or with my close friends. I have stayed over in Reading for Christmas over the previous years whilst being a student in the University. I understand that it may get lonely or boring, but there are various ways to enjoy yourself while staying over in Reading. Whether you live in Reading or not, there is definitely a fun activity meant just for you.

In this blog I am going to share 5 interesting things to do in Reading this December:

  • Redecorate your space for Christmas

In my 2nd year, I had stayed back in Reading whilst living on campus. I could not go back home due to travel restrictions and that led me to engaging in some really creative activities. I took myself to the nearest store and bought some Christmas decorations. I used these to decorate a mini plant I had in my room and that instantly brightened up the atmosphere. I put up a few more winter themed props all over my room and it was really nice to see. You don’t have to go somewhere different to feel like you are on holiday, all you need is a little bit of imagination to get you going. Head over to your nearest Christmas store and take a look at the wide range of decorations that may suit your taste, then it’s all up to you from then on!

  • Try out a new restaurant in town

I am always excited to try out new restaurants in town and I believe that everyone should do so too. You might be missing out on a variety of cuisines that fit your taste if you don’t explore your options. In the town centre, there are a variety of restaurants for you to explore. You can look up these restaurants in advance to check out their menu items, price range and even look up reviews if you feel like it. Recently, I went to Pho with a friend and I really loved my experience. I was new to Vietnamese cuisine but soon realised that I had been missing out once I tried their chicken and prawn stir-fry. Now, whenever I walk about in town, I always look around for a new place to try out food. You can explore new places by yourself or with a friend.

  • Seeing the Christmas lights in town

I noticed around the end of November the Christmas decorations begin, which is really exciting. The lights are put-up all-over town and the malls as well. I find that this makes a great place to take pictures and just stroll about at night. Night time is the best period to see these lights shine brightly. If you ever get bored of staying indoors, you can go to town and take pictures of the lights, which will definitely make a great Christmas memory. Additionally, you can buy yourself some lights to put up in your room to get into the festive mood.

  • Shop for tasty treats in the town centre

Not only do you get to see beautiful decorations in town, but you also get to eat delicious food as well. There are a lot of street vendors in the town centre selling a variety of sweets, cakes, pastries, ice cream, chocolate and so on. I love the December period as some additional stands are set up to sell Christmas themed delicacies. Recently, I went to town and spotted a candy stall that had a variety of treats and another selling hot chocolate. You can take this opportunity to go around town centre to try out a new snack or even get inspiration for recipes that you want to make at home.

  • Go to a fun place to play games

To keep myself busy while I’m indoors, I often play games on my phone. However, too much screen time is not good for the eyes and I decided to look for fun places to go around me. I love a good challenge and typically I often love puzzle games. That’s when I discovered that there are a few Escape rooms to try out in Reading. You can check a travel site to see various fun activities that are available in your location. This is a great way to plan a fun day of even a day out with friends. Take a look at Trip Advisor and Expedia to look for an activity that suits your taste.

Sometimes we run out of ideas on where to go or what to do during the holidays. To make the most out of your holiday it is best to always expand your options. This way you can search for activities that suit your interests. There is so much to do in Reading and I hope that you take advantage of the tips above to keep yourself occupied.

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