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What to expect from your first Life Tools talk   

I recently attended the ‘igniting your motivation’ Life tools webinar that took place on the 13 January. I chose this session because the initial buzz of my January New Year’s resolutions had started to dwindle, and I felt in need of some ways to inspire motivation and healthy habits.  

Alicia, the creator of the Life Tool’s programme, led the talk. The webinar I attended took place online via Blackboard. You can also attend in person Life Tools sessions at the Whiteknights campus, for these in-person sessions you do not need to prebook, you can just turn up. Alternatively, you can watch pre-recorded Life Tools content via Blackboard.  

At the beginning of the session Alicia will outline the objectives of the session, and what you will learn. 

In the webinar I attended people were encouraged to interact using the mic, chat and Mentimeter. It was useful to hear their thoughts and learn about their experiences with motivation. It is up to you how you choose to participate during the webinar.  

At the end of the session, we were asked to share our feedback and invited to attend the future talks and webinars that are being hosted throughout the term.  

What I learnt from my first Life Tools session  

The webinar focused on understanding the factors that influence our motivation, and identified and gave examples of strategies that can be used to restore and maintain motivation.  

The session was really insightful, and when it finished I felt like I had more of a toolkit for success in my work.  

Here are some the things I learnt from the session…  

  • You should prioritise building your energy levels. There are lots of different ways you can increase your energy levels, for instance, eating well, sleeping well, making sure to carve out time for yourself, spending time in nature, exercising, and socialising, to name a few.  
  • It can be useful to negotiate boundaries with friends, housemates and family members to ensure you have time to focus on your studies. Create a routine for yourself by allocating time for socialising and time for studying.  
  • That self-kindness and self-compassion is one of the keys to maintaining motivation. You do not need to be hard on yourself to achieve good results. (This was talked about in detail in the session and there is also a Life tools session on ‘Imperfect Perfectionism’ that addresses this further).  
  • Adapt your mindset to focus on how you will feel when you get the task done, and focus on the benefit of completing the task to motivate you.  

These are just a few examples of things I have learnt. I would really recommend attending a life tools sessions to learn more about these motivation strategies in detail.  

Attending my first session allowed me to get a better sense of what the Life Tools programme is all about. It has inspired me to attend some of the other Life Tools sessions taking place this term, such ‘Mindfulness: a brief introduction’ and ‘A good night’s sleep’.  

The Life Tools Programme  

The Life Tools programme is a series of free talks designed by experts to help you transition into university life and enhance your student experience. The programme allows you to be proactive and take control of your learning, personal and professional development. 

The Life Tools Programme takes place throughout the year, and it is never too late to sign up. There are no assessments or evaluations, and you can just try out the topics that interests you.  

Check out the Life Tools 2022/23 programme to find out what topics are coming up.  

You can check the details of the programme and book your place at reading.ac.uk/life-tools. You can also find the link to the Life Tools Blackboard to enrol and receive a weekly email with details and information.

Student Feedback from Life Tools  

“It was an awakening experience, I became more understanding of myself and how to improve aspects of my life (such as sleep). It taught me ways to manage my academic life and prepare for exams. The Life Tool’s Programme helped me to navigate and take control in many areas of my life.”  

“Good life skill – especially as sleep is so important in student life due to deadlines and work, and to manage social events.” (From a student who attended the ‘A good night’s sleep’ session)  

“The Life Tools Programme exceeded my expectations.”  (3rd year student) 

“You can interact with international students… which make you have more of an open mind.”  (2nd year student) 

“After the webinars I felt very inspired and motivated which I loved!.” (1st year student) 

“I work more productively in a shorter amount of time.” (1st year student) 

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