Will you play your part to stop sexual harassment?

Graphic for sexual harassment campaign

Stand against sexual harassment ā€“ play your part to end the toxic culture that condones normalised harassment. Get involved in our university-wide campaign and sign the pledge to See It, Say it, Stop it.

It is a sad fact that sexual harassment and violence are things that all universities must recognise are real for students.

In recent years we have been working to put in place systems and policies to discourage and respond to harassment and sexual misconduct. This is an issue that should concern us all, especially as surveys show that students are among the most likely groups to experience sexual assault.

We want to enable a community where all of us are empowered to stand against sexual harassment and the toxic culture in which such behaviour is normalised. We are calling on all students to get educated and support each other to call out harassment.

At Reading we want to be a place with a culture where:

  1. everyone recognises sexual harassment for what it is
  2. everyone feels able to call it out
  3. we work together to make it unacceptable.

See it, Say it, Stop it!

Play your part sign the pledge


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