Sexual harassment – See it, Say it, Stop it

Graphic for sexual harassment campaign

Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing articles to support our campaign ‘See it, Say it, Stop it – sexual harassment is Never OK’.

Written by both students and staff, the articles show how you can play your part, what the University is doing, and often how behaviours associated with sexual harassment are normalised.

Everyone has a part to play, and it should matter to you – sign the pledge, encourage your fellow student to sign, and show your support to stop sexual harassment.

…and join 480+ students who are doing their bit!

Want to find out more about the campaign and why this has been so important? Read all our articles on sexual harassment:

Thank you to everyone that has contributed, shared ideas, and signed the pledge!

Although this campaign is coming to a close, you can still sign and play your part.


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Want to get involved in future sexual harassment or Never OK campaigns? Drop us an email:

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