Santander Brighter Futures Grant

Text: 10 lots of £1000 to be won! Brighter Futures Grant. Apply by April 30th.

Did you know that University of Reading are giving away 10 lots of £1000?

Developed in partnership with Santander Universities, the Brighter Futures Grant programme was built to support students through their studies.  The grants can be spent on a variety of purposes including on living expenses such as accommodation and bills, or on study resources such as laptops, textbooks and stationery to aid your learning.

Apply before 30th April for your chance to win.

About the Brighter Futures Grant initiative

The Brighter Futures Grants are a new initiative, developed in partnership with Santander Universities, aimed at providing students with funding to support their studies.

The grants are available to all University of Reading students including undergraduates, postgraduates, foundation year, part-time and full-time students. You also do not need to be a Santander customer.

To apply, you must visit the Santander Scholarships platform, where you’ll need to register an account. After registering, you’ll get a confirmation email. Then you can apply for the Brighter Futures Grant. You’ll need to choose University of Reading on the application form. Once applications close, we’ll pick 10 students at random.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must:

1. Be enrolled as a current student in any year of your degree at University of Reading.

2. Know your student ID number and provide it in the application form.

3. Create an account on the Santander Scholarship Platform (if you’re not registered already).

Application process

To be apply, you must:

1. Register to the Santander Scholarship Platform.

2. Confirm your email.

3. Apply for the Brighter Futures Grant initiative.

4. Complete the application form, choosing University of Reading and entering your student ID number.

Applications close at 11pm on 30th April 2023.

Apply via the Santander Scholarships Platform.

Last year 10 lucky University of Reading students won one of 10 lots of £1000!

Find out what they have to say, and how they spent their £1000…

“I’m extremely grateful for the prize, it meant that I could buy technology that could help make my university experience easier”

“I was absolutely buzzing when I found out I won… in a year where I quit my job to go back to university so was suddenly living on savings alone, a prize like this was incredible!

I love that I didn’t need to use my prize all at once. It’s quite handy to have, just in case something I have currently needs replacing in the near future.

THANK YOU so so much Santander!

What would you spend a £1000 Santander Brighter Futures Grant on? Apply today!

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