Life Tools tips for getting a good night’s sleep!

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A good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental health, and can help make you more energetic and productive when you’re awake. It’s just as important as getting enough exercise and keeping a balanced diet. Poor sleep will also affect your performance the next day, preventing you from concentrating.

Tips to improve sleep

A sleeping moon on a cloud.What helps good sleep?A person unable to sleep, staring at the moon.What works against good sleep?
Get into a sleep routineExcessive use of electronic devices before bed
Keep your bedroom dark and coolToo much caffeine can make you too stimulated
Regular exercise helps good quality sleepIf you’re too stressed, this makes it harder- talk or write about anything that is bothering you
Relax before bed – read a book, meditate, whatever works for youClock watching will make your body tense
Keep a sleep journal to identify patterns of problems Don’t stay in bed if you’re tired – leave the room and come back when you are

If you consistently struggle to sleep or if existing sleep problems are getting worse you should seek out help. Consult your doctor, consider registering at the University Medical Practice for more support.

For more information go to Life Tools blog for some helpful tips on how to improve your sleep pattern, or attend on of the upcoming Life Tools webinars on ‘a good nights sleep’.

The Life Tools programme is a series of free talks designed by experts to help you enhance your student experience. For more practical advice on a range of different topics, check out the Life Tools page on Essentials for the full list of upcoming talks and webinars.

The next Life Tools webinar on ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’ will be taking place Friday 21 April 2023, 14:30 – 15:00. Book your place.

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