My Job Hunting Experience as a University Student – Akash Kumar

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Summer is not only a time for relaxation and vacation; it’s also an excellent opportunity for university students to gain valuable work experience, earn extra income, and develop essential skills.

In this blog, I’ll share my job hunting experience, things I learnt while applying for a placement and some helpful advice.

Improving my CV

After researching multiple resources online like Indeed, Adzuna and My Jobs Online I discovered an array of job opportunities that I had overlooked previously. Now, every job posting became an opportunity to weave my passions into my career.

However, without an impressive resume and cover letter, my aspirations were merely dreams. Thus, I learned to translate my skills, experiences, and aspirations into a potent marketing tool. I realized that a good resume wasn’t just about showcasing my capabilities, but also about aligning them with the specific needs of my prospective employers.

You can get advice on your CV and job applications by booking an appointment with the Careers team or one with the placement team.

LinkedIn and Networking

Developing my professional online presence was the next challenge. By effectively leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, I not only showcased my skills and expertise but also connected with like-minded professionals. This opened new doors for learning, collaborations, and job opportunities.

Getting started on LinkedIn can be daunting, my advice is to take it one step at a time. Work on customising your profile (getting rid of the blank avatar is a great place to start!), fill in your details (education, job experience and so on) and connect with people as you go.

Your connections shouldn’t be limited to people in similar courses or sectors. You can connect with people irrespective of their career path.

If you’re interested in doing some online courses, the university offers free LinkedIn Learning access to students! Just follow the instructions and connect your Learning with your profile.  

Networking was another pillar of my professional journey. Building connections allowed me access to industry insights, hidden job opportunities, and mentors that guided my path. The more people I knew in my field, the better my chances of landing my dream job.

Interview Prep

One of the key phases of this journey was mastering the art of interviewing. I understood that acing an interview was more than just providing satisfactory responses. It was about displaying confidence, understanding the company’s ethos, and conveying how I could add value to their team.

You can work on your interview skills by checking our resources on the Careers blog page, recommended LinkedIn courses and having practice interviews with the careers or placement team.

Other things I learnt along the way

This journey, however, transcended beyond my professional life. It improved my academic life too. My newfound goals and passions gave me a sense of direction in my studies. My experiences in crafting resumes and cover letters improved my writing skills. My interview preparation bolstered my presentation skills. My networking abilities helped me connect with classmates, professors, and academic leaders. All this combined to make me a more engaged, confident, and successful university student.

Transferable skills are the hidden gems within my personal and professional life, enhancing my capabilities far beyond the confines of one job. Highlighting these skills often provides me with the edge in competitive environments.

Rejections, however, are inevitable. Initially, they struck me hard. But then I reframed them: they were not a judgment of my worth but simply feedback. Each rejection became a steppingstone, leading me to introspect, improve, and come back stronger.

During my university placement applications, rejections became my constant companions. Yet, I chose to grow. With every ‘No,’ I revised my resume, honed my interview skills, and built a stronger narrative. I solicited feedback from recruiters, mentors, and friends, embracing an objective evaluation of my performance.

Indeed, rejections and growth are a part of life. Through my journey, I’ve learned that persistence, resilience, and continuous learning are the keys to success in any aspect of life.


Remember to try your best and don’t overdo things. There are going to be multiple opportunities in the future; just do your best!!

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