Staying Safe and Happy at Reading Festival

Reading Festival 2021 main stage with the climate stripes.

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re a festival fanatic, knowing how to keep safe and happy should always be priority number one. Here are some of our top tips for Reading Festival to ensure you have the best time!

  • Know where to get mental or physical health assistance:

In an emergency: please contact a member of staff in a bright tabard or police officer immediately. They’ll be able to assist or locate the correct assistance.  If in the unlikely event you cannot find someone, please call 999, and/or shout for help to get attention.

A lot of people are hesitant to get help when they need it, whether they’re scared or simply worried about ruining their friends’ weekend. However, Reading Festival has doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, a mental health team, and an X-Ray unit available at the Main Medical Centre on site (which is open 24 hours), and they’re ready and willing to help.

At Reading Festival they’ll also be 16 AIR hubs open 24 hours a day across all the campsites. AIR is an acronym for Assistance, Information & Response and Reading Festival are working with local community groups and charities to run these hubs. There’s plenty more information available on the Reading Festival website.

  • Orient Yourself

One of the worst feelings is when you’re in an unfamiliar place and unable to find your friends. Try and take note of memorable points around your tent to ensure you can find your way home, or why not bring a funky flag with you so you can spot your tent more easily! Also, ensure everyone that you’re with knows which zone you’re camping in and which letter you’re in. This will mean if anyone gets lost or can’t find their way back, at least they can tell someone where they should be.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle

One of the most important things to pack is definitely a reusable water bottle. It’s meant to be around 24 degrees for the duration of the festival, however, between dancing, being in huge crowds, and walking around the site, it’ll be really easy to become dehydrated. There will be water fountains dotted around the grounds, so there’s no need to waste money buying bottles of water!

  • Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Don’t leave anything valuable in your tent – lockers are available for hire throughout the festival and are great for things like your car keys. Don’t waste your time worrying about what you’re leaving in the tent when you could be having fun.

  • Your Phone

Make sure your phone is charged at all times – whether this means bringing multiple power banks with you, or use Charge Candy, where for £19.95 minimum, you can have one full charge per day. Not only will keeping your phone charged mean you can take loads of videos and photos of your experiences, you’ll be able to call a friend if you’re lost, and also use your phone as a torch at night.

  • Drugs and alcohol

Check Reading Festival’s official Drug Policy for information on different interactions between drugs and alcohol, and how staff intervene when people break festival rules.

  • Make the most of the experience!

Reading Festival has so much to offer beyond the music. Take some time to have a look around and you’ll find things like: loads of food options, comedy shows, and stalls selling everything from merchandise to festival accessories.

We hope you have the most amazing time at Reading Festival!

Stay safe and hydrated,

The UoR Student Life Team

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