Top 10 things to do in your first five weeks

Three female students with flyers

Student Hannah shares her thoughts on how to make the most of your first 5 weeks…

  1. Go to the library…    

I figured I should begin with something academic as you have chosen to come to University! No, but seriously, even if you just walk into the library and have a wander, it’s good to just get your bearings

  1. Join a society/Go to a taster session…

A great way to make friends and do something you love to go alongside your studies!

  1. Cook a proper meal (with your flatmates?)…

Trust me, I know its tempting yo just eat Pot Noodles and pizza, we’ve all been there (especially me), but there’s nothing better than a proper home-cooked meal, especially if you’ve had help from your flatmates.

  1. Go into town… 

Self-explanatory really, Reading is your home for the next 3 / 4 years – go and explore!

  1. Register with a doctor

Seems like a pain, but fresher’s flu is real and so is illness, better to know there’s always somewhere you can go!

  1. Make the most of the student discounts

You can find out more about the discounts and special offers available to you as a student on the Cost of Living pages on Essentials, as well as financial support and advice.

  1. Explore our campus(‘s)…  

I mean, it’s literally award-winning… The Harris Garden is one of it’s best kept, not so secret, secrets! There’s dining outlets, cafes, bars, lakeside walks, and Museums for you to explore on campus.

  1. Try some of the amazing places to eat in Reading

Reading has so so much to offer in terms of food; with countless cuisines that will get you excited for every meal! Check out our blog for more information about eating, cooking and shopping in Reading.

Hope you enjoyed this and welcome to Reading!

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