Introducing the new laptop loans service

Students studying in the University library with their laptops

If you’re in need of a laptop, the laptop loan service is available for short term loans. You can borrow a laptop for up to 8 hours a day. 

The laptop lockers are located on the first, second, and third floor of the Library.  

You can use the device for up to 8 hours or until it has run out of battery, whichever comes first. The devices come fully charged but do not come with a charger as they are intended to be used short-term only. Please do not use these devices for exams or time sensitive work.

Please note that you will only be able to borrow devices during Library opening hoursLaptops may be borrowed for up to 8 hours, and laptops will not be available to loan 30 minutes before the Library is due to close. 

Each time you borrow a laptop you will need to agree to the laptop loans declaration. You can also read the full terms and conditions for using the service on the laptop loan service webpage

In order to borrow a device you will need:

Your Campus Card
Your Campus Card PIN (you can find our your PIN on the online Campus Card Portal

How to borrow a laptop:

  1. Scan your Campus Card on the card reader
  2. Enter your Campus Card PIN
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Select ‘Borrow’
  5. Select ‘Surface’
  6. The bay containing your device will start flashing to indicate it is ready for you to take
  7. Scan your campus card on the scan area again to unlock the bay
  8. Open the bay, unplug and remove the device
  9. Close the bay
  10. Complete the instructions on the laptop locker screen
  11. Turn the device on. On the login screen select the Internet icon at the bottom right. Connect to ‘Eduroam’ using your usual details for connecting to the network. Login using your usual username and password

Returning the laptop: 

  1. Log off and power down the device. Remember to save all your work to OneDrive or external storage as no work will be saved once you log out.
  2. Scan your Campus Card on the card reader.
  3. Enter your Campus Card PIN
  4. Accept terms and conditions
  5. On the screen, select which device you are returning
  6. A bay will flash and unlock
  7. Open the bay and plug the device in to charge – light will slowly flash to show it is charging
  8. Close the bay
  9. Complete instructions on the screen
  10. You have completed returning the device


Fines for late returns are charged at a rate of £5 per day per overdue laptop. Fines are capped at a maximum of £50. Fines can be paid via the Campus Card Portal. Available 24/7.


Laptop loans may not be renewed. If you wish to extend the loan of a laptop, please return it to the locker and then borrow another.

Saving files: 

Laptops are set to reset themselves upon lid closure or shut down. The user is responsible for saving and backing up all work to their One Drive or other cloud storage. Once the laptop has been turned off, unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve anything from the previous session.

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