Low-cost ways to keep fit

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You may be familiar with the benefits eating healthy and exercising can have on your physical health but did you know exercising has many study-boosting benefits? These include; better concentration, strengthened memory, improved mood and increased energy levels.  

However, hitting the gym requires more cash and commitment that we, as students, often have to offer. Especially with the rising cost of living. Here, we will discuss 5 ways you can keep fit without breaking the bank.

  • Home workouts – working out from the comfort of your accommodation can eliminate travelling time while also saving you money on a gym membership. Thankfully, there are plenty of free fitness apps, YouTube videos or social media pages that can point you in the right direction! Most of the time, you don’t need any special gym equipment – just a few household items like a bottle of water, cans of beans, and let’s not forget a decent playlist! 
  • Go on a walk or run – a daily brisk walk can give your body a boost, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier. And seeing as we have won awards for our green spaces on campus, why not make the most of it? From our beautiful Whiteknights Lake to our Harris Gardens or sports fields, you have endless options on your doorstep. Apps such as Couch to 5k or Active 10 are NHS apps perfect for tracking and motivating this kind of activity. 
  • Join a Reading Knights Sports or Dance team – you don’t need to be a sporting professional to get involved or try something new at university. Reading Students’ Union offers an array of different sports, anything from Ultimate Frisbee to Cheerleading, Korfball, or Tennis. They come at a variety of different price points, some even including payment plans. Get involved with flatmates or make new friends, and browse opportunities.
  • Eat healthy – remember to not overlook the benefits eating a healthy balanced diet can have on your health and wellness in addition to exercise. To keep costs low, try planning your recipes, buying own brand essentials, using coupons, or cutting travel costs by purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables at our very own market! With fresh fruits and vegetables every Thursday in 3sixty from 10am until 4pm (for Autumn and Spring term only). 
  • Make the most of SportsPark – if the above activities aren’t for you and you are still craving that gym environment, be sure to fully utilise your student discounts. Whether that be a branded gym off campus or our very own SportsPark. We recommend looking around to try and find the best membership that best suits your needs! If you are looking for an affordable commitment-free option you can register for a pay-as-you-go web account with SportsPark for free

We hope the above 5 ways have inspired you to keep fit while keeping the costs low! But remember, exercise and healthy eating don’t have to be difficult, nor do they have to break the bank – you simply have to be a bit savvy about your workout routine. Get creative and have fun! 

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