Now You’ve Settled

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Once again, welcome to the University of Reading! We hope you have enjoyed Freshers and your first weeks here.
Now that things have settled down, there are a few things you may have missed during Freshers. This blog will provide you with a few tips that will help you navigate your journey at the University of Reading:

  • Familiarise yourself with Essentials – Essentials is a website for students that contains all the important information they may need to know during their studies. Pages on Essentials include information on guidance and support, careers, ask a question, international students, and much more.
  • Organise all applications and programmes – You’ve already heard about your Student App, if you haven’t check it out now, but did you know there are more apps that make your university experience easier? You might already have these on your laptop, but downloading them on your phone makes things much more convenient. Applications such as:
  • Blackboard: All module related news, updates, and course content are found here. It certainly helps when you need to skim through lecture notes on the bus to school.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Home to all your emails, it’s easy to use and organise as you wish.
  • Doing UoRBit: If you’re interested in doing your bit then this is the app for you! Take part in green activities, earn points, and win prizes.
  • AppsAnywhere: Provides access to relevant course software on university computers and your personal Windows PC and Macs. With programmes like anaconda, adobe digital editions, blender, and github, students can download popular programmes for free. More information about AppsAnywhere can be found on the digital technology services webpage.
  • Home at halls: This is a must-have app for all students living in halls. Equipped with free and low-cost event information, helpful contact information news and parcel updates
  • Discover in-person services – The university provides a lot of online support, but we also have a range of in-person help. Here are a few important places that may be of use to you during your degree:
  • The Library: You might find yourself here more than you think. With excellent in-person and online service, a café, and IT support, the library is loved by all students.
  • Carrington: This building holds several useful student services that shouldn’t be ignored like the careers centre, counselling and wellbeing services, accommodation office, campus jobs and the disability advisory service (DAS).
  • Reading Students’ Union: Reading Students’ Union supports and represents students at the University of Reading. All students are members of the union and can find more information about them on their website.
  • Meet your Academic tutor and Star mentor – You all may have heard from your academic tutors by now, be it online or in person. They are a key point of contact throughout your degree and work with you and the university’s support services to support your academic, personal, and professional development. To know more about your academic tutor, have a look at our webpage and meet with yours. Star mentors are like university buddies who have been assigned to you, most likely in the same department as you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your star mentor, they’re here to help and offer advice. If you want to know about Star Mentors, their webpage has lots of information and even questions you can ask them.

We hope this helps and you settle in well! If you’re interested in more things to do in Reading, check out our ‘Welcome to Reading’ blog for more ideas.

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