Making Your Uni Room Cosy

As we progress through the term and start to settle into Uni life, you may be wondering how to make your dorm room more cosy or homey and may want to have a more welcoming environment to study and rest in. As a third-year student who has lived in Halls for my entire degree so far and enjoys decorating and organising, I would like to share some tips I have found useful to make my room tidy and pretty. Remember these are just my opinions and decoration is always subject to individual preference and taste. 

This blog talks about some cute decoration tips which are budget-friendly and can make your room feel a lot more cosy, warm and pleasing. Including some organisation tips that I have found useful to keep my room tidy and efficient.

One thing that makes any room cosy is to add warm coloured lights (for example warm yellow lights seem a lot more inviting, natural and cosy than harsh white light), which can be in the form of battery-powered fairy lights (to adhere to Uni regulations). Nightlights can also be cosy and there are plenty of fun, cheap options on Amazon. Another decoration which instantly makes any room feel a lot more alive is little fake potted plants. There are plenty of places that sell small fake potted plants, such as Flying Tiger (in the town centre), Amazon, Asda, Ikea etc. and for a small price can make your room feel more put together without much effort. Personally, I have put some on my desk, any ledges (such as above the bed) and even on the bathroom shelves. Finally, if your room still feels empty, you can always try to decorate with what you already have, such as displaying any nice items you may have like notebooks, stationary or jewellery just to personalise your space a little more. It may also help if you feel a little homesick and want a few items to remind you of home.

As Halloween is approaching, lots of stores in the town centre (e.g. Flying Tiger) and many online shops (e.g. Amazon) are selling Halloween and autumnal-themed decorations if you wish to decorate for the season. You don’t need to buy too much, especially being on a student budget, but one or two small items can make you feel more seasonal.

For organisation, I find having storage boxes (for example from Ikea) for items such as clothes and books very useful, as I know where everything is and anything I need is easily accessible. I like to make sure items are all easy to access so that if I am in a rush I don’t need to look for anything, and each thing or category of things are in separate places (such as designated areas in cupboards for cleaning supplies, toiletries etc.). Organising your area can make a huge impact on productivity, reduce clutter and make you feel more at ease.   

Although decorating your dorm room is not entirely necessary, it can make you feel cosier and at rest as you unwind from classes or any other activity you may have during the day. It can also make your room feel more personalised and like home, which is good for any student who may feel a little homesick after a few weeks away from home.

What can you do now? You can look around some online stores to see what cheap decoration you can afford (you don’t need to spend too much, and make sure you have money spare if you wish to get anything). For example from Amazon, Asda (especially if you already go grocery shopping there), Flying Tiger (cute, small cheap decorations in the Town Centre near Sainsbury’s and M&S) and Ikea (as there is an Ikea in Reading and you may plan a group trip with friends for a day out). Buying decorations with friends can also help create new activities, memories and associations with those items you can keep with you forever. 

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