Feeling safe on and off campus this winter

Campus, Palmer Quad at night lit up

As winter nights draw in some of our daytime activities (such as lectures and travelling home) start to take place in the dark. This change can be strange at first, but it soon becomes part of our routine.

Take a look at these simple strategies and support services that help you continue your daily routine whilst feeling safe:


The MyWay app

The MyWay App is a fantastic app to make sure you feel safe walking to and from lectures, back from Student Union nights, and to sports training sessions throughout your time at Reading.

The app has some super handy features including:

  • Automatic SMS text to an emergency contact to let them know you’re home safe.
  • Sharing location with friends and loved ones who can track your journey with your approval.
  • Motion sensors around campus, the student area and Reading Town Centre to let you know how many others are on roads to keep you informed.
  • Directions with options of walking and public transport

Find out more and download the app.


The what3words app

With what3words, it sums up your location in 3 words to try and make it easier to for services like security to find your location.

It’s especially useful when you can’t describe where you are or your digital maps aren’t working.

Callmy Alert app

Stay up to date on important safety and security issues around campus with the Callmy Alert app. After installation there is a simple verification process to follow and you’ll need to add the group name UORALERT group.

Once a term we will test the system and you will receive an alert, which will say that it is a test. Treat all other alerts as live and follow their instructions.


Reading Safe Space

Reading Safe Space is located at St Mary’s Church House on Chain Street. First Stop provides a vital service to those enjoying the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights, administering first aid supported by paramedics from the South Central Ambulance Service.

Reading’s Street Pastors are a team of volunteers who patrol the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights to care for, listen to and help people who are out for the evening.

Report and Support

The University is committed to ensuring that our campuses are inclusive, supportive and respectful places of work and study for all of our students and staff. Report and Support is an online tool for staff, students, and visitors to report issues of harassment, bullying, sexual misconduct, hate crimes, and other problematic behaviours. Users can report with their name and details to receive support from the University, or you can report anonymously.


Strut safe 

Strut Safe is a UK-wide phone line. If you’re walking alone, our volunteers will be a friendly voice to keep you company and help you feel safe until you are through the door. Fridays and Saturdays: 19:00 – 03:00. Sundays: 19:00 – 01:00. Call 0333 335 0026. 


The University of Reading Security Services – Staying safe and secure

Our friendly and supportive security team are on hand 24/7 to maintain a safe and secure environment for students across all University sites.

The team are responsible for security patrols of our campuses, surveillance/ emergency response for all University property, operating a 24-hour control room and extensive CCTV networks.

Chaperone Service

Security has a “Hawk-Eye” chaperone service which will help to reassure individuals that security is aware of their location and will track them on CCTV as they return to their cars or Halls.

If you wish to use the service or need further advice, please call security on 0118 378 7799

Security equipment 

Security offers a range of security equipment to help individuals protect themselves and their property, including bike d-locks and cycle lights – these items are available to purchase from the Security Office in Whiteknights House.

Advice from the Security team 

Security offer advice on a range of topics such as:

  • Personal safety
  • Keeping your vehicle secure
  • Keeping your bicycle secure
  • Safe cycling

For more information, visit our Safety and Security pages.


Useful Contacts

For cases where you require emergency services (Police, Ambulance, Fire brigade etc.), dial 999 immediately.

Tips for feeling safe on campus:

  • Download and use the MyWay App and what3words.
  • Add security contacts to your phone (contacts above)
  • Use the chaperone service so security can make sure you are safe
  • Take a look at the Campus Watch initiative (similar to neighbourhood watch)
  • Reading buses run excellent bus services all over Reading so all the main student housing areas have regular bus services. The 21 bus runs from the centre of campus.
  • If you are feeling nervous when leaving a lecture, see if anyone else is walking in your direction and team up
  • Use the main paths on campus all of these are well lit and are covered by CCTV

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