An Overview of Study Spaces on Campus

students studying in a booth

Are you struggling to find YOUR place to study? 

As a student, it can often be a struggle to find a place where you can find yourself focused and productive. As you progress through your degree, it is important that you can focus and give the designated time to your assignments, free from distractions. Having a study space generally provides a comfortable working environment whether its about a seating area, furniture, or lighting. Having a study space on campus enables consistency in work leading to the establishment of a routine and discipline University of Reading is very diverse in terms of the study spaces it offers; they have a variety from individual study areas to group study spaces.

As known already, one of the main spots is the main Library, accessible 24/7. Here is how each floor caters to students: 

Ground floor –  quiet study and hold glass pods. 

First floor – computers area 

Second floor – group study area 

Third floor – quiet study area 

Fourth floor – group study area and has computers. 

Fifth floor – quiet study area 

The library also offers support to students with one-to-one chats with the Study Advice for study tips and any other academic help that the student may need, simply by booking an appointment. Apart from the main library there is the Henley Business School Library, which is a dedicated quiet study area.  

Student’s Union has places for group and or individual study is, with comfortable couches and tables for you to be productive and have group meeting when needed. Study centre is another area for individuals where there are classrooms which people can either use to do individual work or do group work.  

According to some students, accommodations are not just a place where they live, they also offer places to study making it convenient for student to focus on their work and have easy access to places where they can study and go to their rooms, when necessary, rather than having to go far.  

ome building like Palmer and Agriculture has rooms for study however it is important to carry your student ID when trying to access any study space on campus to avoid any entry issues. Furthermore, it is important to respect the noise levels required from any study space you access, to avoid breaking any guidelines. 

It is always beneficial to use the group study area specifically when it comes to group work simply because you can talk and communicate when with your group. Study spaces like study centre, library 2nd and 4th floor of the library provide tables and comfortable seating area to accommodate a healthy and productive working environment. 

For those students that wish to study outdoor, there are places like Harris Gardens and balcony seating area in study centre, giving individuals that work environment with fresh air and nature. Such places are usually highly used during the spring and summer term doe to the weather and the benches that the university provides

Academic success is often dependant on selecting the ideal study area. The University of Reading provides a variety of opportunities, ranging from indoor to outdoor study spaces. Students can develop attention and productivity in surroundings that are customised to meet their requirements, promoting regularity and discipline, whether they are seeking solitude or teamwork. 

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