‘Pride’ (2014) Film Screening in Minghella Studios

I had the fantastic opportunity of attending the film screening of ‘Pride’ (2014) at The Cinema in Minghella Studios for LGBTQIA+ History Month (February). For those of you who do not know, for context, LGBTQIA+ History Month aims to promote the remembrance of the history associated with LGBTQIA+ and to see and celebrate the progress and changes over time in people’s rights. It is important to be able to take note of our advancements and history, to learn from them and appreciate how far we have come – as well as inspire and encourage us to keep moving forward. 

The first thing I would like to comment on and share my appreciation for is the wonderful Events Team that put together this screening and the excellent choice of movie to celebrate LGBTQIA+ History Month. If you wish to attend or sign up for future events like this, check the UoR Events page for a full list. The Cinema in Minghella Studios was also a part of the University I had not been to before and was pleasantly surprised with – I hope to have the pleasure of attending again and for other students to experience it too. 

Moving on to the movie itself, ‘Pride’ (2014), tells the story of a minority group (lesbians and gays) helping another minority group (miners on strike), set in 1984. It is a political movie, as well as an uplifting comedy, based on a true story. It sheds light on the topic of the National Union of Mineworkers being on strike in 1984 as Margaret Thatcher was in power, showing the struggle of this time and the hardships miners and their families endured. The principal plot of the movie is about the joining together of groups/minorities, as a set of lesbian and gay activists in London raise money to help the families affected by the British miners’ strike. The group names themselves LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners), and while originally met with discrimination and prejudice from the community they were aiming to help, throughout the movie gain the appreciation of the miners. This is warming and touching and depicts the positive advancements made over time for LGBTQIA+ rights.   

The movie stars actors such as Ben Schnetzer, Joe Cooper, Imelda Staunton (famously Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter), Bill Nighy, Paddy Considine and Andrew Scott (who you may also know as Jim Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock). The characters were fun and imaginative, and each had their own storylines and progression which brought to light how difficult it was to be LGBTQIA+ in the 80s, and the level of discrimination that went along with it. It makes you thankful and appreciate how far we have come, as well as realise that we still have more to go to reach equality for all.

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