Four ways you can access financial support

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If you are struggling with money and need extra help the University has a number of financial support schemes available to you. 

Below we have outlined 4 different support schemes the University has available, to help you find the right one for you: 

  1. The Student Support Fund – In the event of an unexpected change in circumstances, for instance illness or loss of job, the University can support you. You can apply to the Student Support Fund for bursaries, loans, support funds, and essential food and household items. Applications for the Student Support Fund are now open, for the details on how to apply check out the Student Support Fund page on Essentials. 
  2. Clever Cuisine Eating Plans – The Clever Cuisine Eating Plans are inclusive for all students in catered accommodation and available to all other students either per term or per year. There are 3 meal plan options, and meals can be claimed at 13 different eateries across the University’s campuses and halls of residences. 
    The Student Financial Support team has a limited number of free eating plans it can offer during term-time for students experiencing financial hardship. To ask about specific discounts to meal plans, email You can also be referred via the Welfare team, Reading Students’ Union Advice specialists and the Chaplaincy. 
  3. Essentials Cupboard – The Essentials Cupboard has been created to provide quick support for any student experiencing struggling to pay for food and living essentials. The Student Support Team can provide three to four days of essential items, including food and recipe ideas, household items, and personal care. If you are in need of support from the Essentials Cupboard please email or book an appointment to talk with one of our advisers.
  4. Digital Supermarket Vouchers – There is a limited number of £50 food vouchers available if you find you are struggling to pay for essential items and food. To apply for these vouchers please email or book an appointment to talk with one of our advisers. 

The University and Reading Students’ Union have set up a joint task force this year to provide support and reduce the cost of campus life. As well as the financial support schemes mentioned above, there is a range of financial advice and support available to you from across the University. Make sure to check out the Cost of Living pages on Essentials, the University’s guide to make the most of your money at University, and Reading Students’ Union’s Money Advice pages for more information about the support systems available, and for advice on how to make your money go further. 

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