Student Services over Easter

Over the Easter break, the opening hours of our services will be changing. However, do not worry! You will still be able to access the help and support you need during this time.

Below, we have provided a summary of the Easter opening hours of our services so you will know how and when to you will be able to access the support you need:

Support Centres:

The Support Centres opening times don’t change other than the closure days- Thursday 28 March to Tuesday 2 April.

Out of term time the Support Centre phone lines are open from 10am to 4pm daily, Monday- Friday. The Support centre desks are open from 10am- 12pm and then 1pm to 4pm daily, Monday – Friday.

The Ask a Question on-line platform is open 24/7 with staff only responding during working hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm daily during working days but not closure days.

Careers and Placements team:

The Careers Service will be closed during the university closure days and bank holidays between 28th March and 2nd April.

Appointments available Monday to Friday.

Phone calls and email queries Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

In person queries Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm 25th – 27th March and 3rd to 12th April.

Normal reception hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm from 15th April onwards.

Student Services Reception:

The Student Services Reception open 10am – 4pm (and during lunchtime). Closes on 27/03/2024 and re-opens 03/04/2024.

Campus Jobs:

Campus jobs will be open as normal for all days other than the closure and bank holidays.

Outside of term time, students are encouraged to book an appointment in advance. Appointments can be made on the Campus Jobs portal, by email, or by phone (0118 378 4499).

University of Reading Library:

The Library will be closed over the Easter weekend:

  • Wednesday 27 March: 08:30-17:00
  • Thursday 28 March: Closed
  • Friday 29 March: Closed
  • Saturday 30 March: Closed
  • Sunday 31 March: Closed
  • Monday 1 April: Closed
  • Tuesday 2 April: Closed
  • Wednesday 3 April: 08:30 – 24 hour opening (as back in term)

The International Student Advisory Team:

The International Student Advisory Team will be open as usual other than the closure and bank holiday days.

DTS/ IT Service Desk:

The IT Service Desk will be closed completely over the Easter long weekend Thursday 28th March to Tuesday 2nd April, in line with the University closure dates.

The IT Counter in the Library will close at 5pm Wednesday 28th March and will reopen at 9am on Wednesday 3rd April.

  • The IT Counter in the Library will close at 5pm Wednesday 28th March and will reopen at 9am on Wednesday 3rd April.
  • The 6262 telephone line will close at 6pm Wednesday 28th March and will reopen at 8am on Wednesday 3rd April.
  • Greenlands IT/AV Support will be open on Thursday 28th March and Tuesday 2nd April, but will be closed Friday 29th March and Monday 1st April.

Email and the IT Self-Service Portal will remain open; however, we will not be working as standard. New and existing tickets will not be actioned, but we will be monitoring urgent systems and services.

Outside of the closure, DTS will continue to provide services throughout the Easter vacation. The IT Counter in the Library will remain open 9am to 5pm during Easter vacation weekends, 16/17 March, 23/24 March, 6/7 April and 13/14 April.

You can find more information via the DTS hub.

The Counselling and Wellbeing Team:

There will be no changes.

The Student Welfare Team:

Student Welfare are closed for the closure days- 28th March until 2nd April.

Drop-in hours will be reduced over the Easter break, ie out of term time but the Duty phone should be covered 10-4 most days.

0118 378 4777 and emails continue to be monitored.


The Accommodation office will remain open for student in person visits, 8.30am- 5.30pm Monday to Friday except for the 2 Bank Holidays 29th March and 1st April 2024 where we will be closed on these dates.

The only change to the above would be if the Carrington Building is scheduled to close completely or early closing on any other dates over Easter break, we would then provide an e mail/ chat bot / phone call service only from 9am -5pm.

Study Advice:

Study Advice are open every day for 121 student appointments, 9.00-4.30, except for Bank holidays and closure days. Our drop-ins and webinars only run in term time however.

Reading Students’ Union:

The Students’ Union will be open until Wednesday 27th March, and reopening Wednesday 3rd April. We will only be closed for the Easter bank holiday, with a closure day either side (Thursday 28th March and Tuesday 2nd April).

When we are open, the working hours will remain as usual, 9am-5pm

Hall Wardens:

The team will be in the office as usual from 9am to 10pm on Wednesday 27th March, however from Thursday 28th March to 2nd April 2024, one member of the team will be ‘on-call’ but the office will be closed. Students can request support from the on-call Warden by calling the 24/7, 365 Halls Hotline (0800 029 1984 ) or Security (0118 378 6300), both teams will operate as normal over Easter. We will be back in the office at 9am on Wednesday 3rd April.

The Student Financial Support Team:

Available normal hours but will be closed on the closure days.


Agriculture and Trilobite cafes will close on 22nd March and reopen on 8th April 2024

The Breakfast Box will close on 22nd March and reopen on 15th April 2024

Park Eat, Wantage and St. Patrick’s Dining will close on 23rd March and reopen on 13th April

Eat at the Square and the Dairy will be open limited hours Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm excluding closure days.

Park House will operate 7 days per week including closure days.


Our services will be unavailable for the standard closure days: Thursday 28th March (from 17:00) to Tuesday 2nd April, inclusive.

Staff and students should submit queries well ahead of 17:00 on Thursday 28 March to allow for a response.

We’ll send a Blackboard-Users’ email to staff early in w/c 25 March, & post the info on the Blackboard homepage for staff & students.

Support over Easter:

  • 24hr Student Support Helpline: We have partnered with Health Assured to offer you a 24/7/365 confidential telephone helpline to support with any personal questions, worries or advice you might need as a student at the University of Reading. You can call 0800 023 2466 to access the 24hr support helpline. You can find out more about the helpline and the different ways you can access the services on Essentials
  • Non-urgent NHS medical help/advice: 111.
  • Emergency services: 999.
  • University Security Team emergency number: 0118 378 6300.
  • University Security Team non-emergency number: 0118 378 7799 or email.
  • For any urgent Halls matters, please ring the Halls hotline on 0800 029 1984 who are still operating a 24/7 service.

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