Quick tips on exams from Study Advice 

A student speaking to a member of the Study Advice Team at the Study Advice helpdesk on the ground floor of the University Library.

With exams looming, how can you make the most of your remaining study time? Here’s our top 5 tips: 

  1. Make a revision plan. In the next few weeks, don’t waste valuable study time wondering what to do – a plan ensures you’ve thought about this in advance. Check out our time-management guide, with templates for creating an effective timetable. 
  1. Revise actively. Vary study methods to keep yourself engaged. Create mind maps, revision cards, form a study group and test each other; all these will help improve your understanding and recall. 
  1. Use past exam papers to feel ready and confident: try to answer past questions to identify gaps in your knowledge; replicate exam conditions by setting time limits for your answers, to assess your exam room strategies; and create new possible questions for practice, based on the format of past exam questions. 
  1. Get organised for the exam day. If you’re doing online exams, you will have access to your notes, but how quickly can you find them? Make sure you know how and where your materials are organised.  
  1. Revise according to your exam format. Our series of Exam videos cover how to revise for different types of exams you may be facing, including preparing for online exams. 

We are running a Revision  Room every Wednesday afternoon until 15 May. We offer advice and a space for revision away from distractions, using a known time management technique. Book your space now and get your revision on track.  

For more resources, or 1-2-1 advice on exams, contact Study Advice. Life Tools are also running a series of talks and have materials to support you throughout your exams. You can find information and recordings of sessions here: Life tools 


In collaboration with the Student Union the Library has increased its quiet, individual study space to help with preparation and revision for exams. The 4th Floor is now quiet study only. Group study areas can still be found on the 2nd Floor and 1st Floor.   

If you are struggling to find space in the Library please speak to staff at the Information Desk on the Ground Floor.  

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