Moving out and staying sustainable

A student in Palmer Quad posing for a photo with a wheeled suitcase.

The Sustainability team sends best wishes to everyone completing exams and finishing assignments at the moment – good luck! 

Many of you will soon be leaving your halls or student accommodation to go home for the summer and you may have items that you wish to get rid of. We have put together some Green Move Out tips to help you: 

  • Use it again and again. Think about whether you can use the item again, do you really need to get rid of it or can you use it for something else? 
  • Repair and Mend. If the item is broken, can it be repaired or mended to give it a new lease of life? 
  • Rehome, share or donate. Can the item be given to someone else, or donated to charity? If you live in Halls, items can be donated to the British Heart Foundation – find their crates in reception. If you live in the local community there will be a Donation Day on 4 June from 10:30-15:30 at St Luke’s Church on Erleigh Road – you can take along kitchenware, cutlery, clothing, bedding and small furniture. 
  • Swap. Can you swap unwanted items with a friend or neighbour? 
  • Recycle. If you live in Halls please follow their recycling guides or ask at reception. If you live in the local community please ensure sure you recycle correctly according to local council rules. For Reading Borough Council residents please see their guide, for Wokingham Borough Council residents please consult their ‘what to put in recycling bags’ webpage.  

Finally, please switch off everything in your accommodation before you leave – this makes a big impact in terms of saving money and carbon emissions, it’s win-win for everyone. 

Have a fantastic summer holiday 

The Sustainability Team 

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