Image shows an aerial view of the UoR lake

Every drop of water counts, so let’s take action now before it’s too late!

Student Engagement Ambassador, Pok, talks about Water Saving Week 2022 and what we can all do to help save water. Water is one of the most precious natural resources on Earth. ItRead More…


Stressed? We’ve all been there – dealing with stress in university by Dal Huai

Student Engagement Ambassador, Dal, discusses why managing your stress is important and offers advice on how to manage your stress. April is Stress Awareness Month, but what exactly is stress? Stress isRead More…

image depicts countless different cartoon women

Women to Celebrate on International Women’s Day by Dominique Vincent

International Women’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate women who are fighting injustice using their platform. Here are some figures to look out for. Tanya Compas Tanya Compas is a YouthRead More…


My Many Christmases Around the World – Tips to Manage Christmas Away from

Our Student Engagement Ambassador, Florencia, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on her Christmas celebrations and her experience of celebrating Christmas away from her home country, Argentina, and offers advice to students whoRead More…


Being Othered – Microaggressions and cultural impact by Ana Mateu Alvaro

Student Engagement Ambassador, Ana, talks about her experiences of microaggressions and the impact microaggressions have on people of colour.  We tend to underestimate the influence of microaggressions that the Black Community experiencesRead More…