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University of Reading Campus

Common Buildings on Whiteknights Campus – Florencia Botta

The University of Reading has lots of faculties where students can mingle with students following the same or similar degree or career paths. However, as you walk around the Whiteknights campus, you may have noticedRead More…

lots of people in RUSU

Settling into University with Societies as a postgrad student – Florencia Botta

As a postgrad student starting at UoR, I was not sure what to expect. I felt too old to take part in activities and events. However, I was wrong – during the first few weeks as a postgraduate student,Read More…

Photo of three people holding phones.

UoR Student Life Channels for new and returning students

Are you a new or returning University of Reading student this September? Welcome to our community, we cannot wait for you to join us. What next? Well, why not get ahead ofRead More…