Week 5: Are we getting it right?

Science communication is a hot topic in the media. The accuracy of weather forecasts, in particular long-range projections, is often found to come under fire. In forecasting there is no single future eventuality we can be certain will occur. There are always uncertainties associated with the observations and models used to make predictions. Nowadays ensemble … Continue reading “Week 5: Are we getting it right?”

Why are we not getting a summer forecast from the Met Office?

It’s mid-May and the weather has been okay, if a bit cold. But the big question on people’s minds at this time of year must be: What’s the summer going to be like in the UK? Are we going to get as much rain as the previous three years? In the past one source of … Continue reading “Why are we not getting a summer forecast from the Met Office?”

The definition of ‘siphon’

Did anyone else see this article on the Guardian science blog this week? Numerous online dictionaries seem to have an error in the definition of how a siphon works, in particular that a siphon (according to the OED) is: A pipe or tube of glass, metal or other material, bent so that one leg is … Continue reading “The definition of ‘siphon’”

Bang goes the theory, so what’s yours?

Thanks to Andrew for getting this blog started. I hope we can keep this going for a long time. I tried very hard not to do it, but it looks like this is going to be yet another posting about the volcano. Did anyone watch the BBC programme “Bang Goes the Theory”(series 2, ep 5) last … Continue reading “Bang goes the theory, so what’s yours?”