A brief history of early climate science

After all the recent controversy over hacked emails, IPCC errors and the British public apparently growing more skeptical about climate science and scientists, it is perhaps interesting to take a step back and look at why we believe that emissions of various gases can influence our climate. There are many comprehensive sources of the historical … Continue reading “A brief history of early climate science”

Planetary waves or confirmation bias?

While in Oklahoma this academic year, I thought I had discovered something peculiar. Frequently, when discussing the weather back at home in Stockton-on-Tees with my parents via Skype, there was often a coincidence of weather type, even a swift change on the same day, e.g. the passage of a front. Of course, I was wary … Continue reading “Planetary waves or confirmation bias?”

Return of a summer favourite?

Another week of WCD and another fascinating selection of pretty pictures – of phytoplankton blooms in particular. But the image that inspired me most was the soil moisture anomaly of Europe, shown by Pete Inness when talking of the Polish floods (link). But my eye was drawn rather closer to home, seeing a 2-3 (unknown … Continue reading “Return of a summer favourite?”