Autumn term 2010 – bloggers

The leaves are starting to turn and my walk to work is getting muddier every day so that must mean that a new term is about to start. For those new to the department, this blog is a complement to our weekly weather and climate discussion (Friday, 12pm, GU01). Each week (and sometimes in between) a guest blogger is invited to write something about the current weather and climate. Below is a provisional list of people who have kindly agreed to blog for us this term. We very much welcome comments from students or staff who want to follow up on the discussion or provide other interesting context. Also you will notice there is still one gap in the schedule. If you would like to try your hand at science blogging please let me know (the technology that drives the blog is very easy to use).

  • Week 1 (Friday 15th October) – Andrew Charlton-Perez
  • Week 2 (Friday 22nd October) – Giacomo Masato
  • Week 3 (Friday 29th October) – John Lawson
  • Week 4 (Friday 5th November) – Sam Hardy
  • Week 5 (Friday 12th November) – MSc fieldtrip
  • Week 6 (Friday 19th November) – Angus Ferraro
  • Week 7 (Friday 26th November) – Amanda Maycock
  • Week 8 (Friday 3rd December) – Kathy Maskell
  • Week 9 (Friday 10th December) – Ed Hawkins
  • Week 10 (Friday 17th December) – Alex Lawes

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