A (not so) summery summary: Summer 2010 around the globe…

Each term a review of the global climate during the past season takes place, organised at the University of Reading by Mike Blackburn (NCAS-Climate). The seasonal climate discussion for summer 2010 took place on the 26th November. The aim was to discuss physical factors that may have influenced the seasonal climate in different parts of … Continue reading “A (not so) summery summary: Summer 2010 around the globe…”

Summary of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Throughout the summer I have updated the blog on the progress of the hurricane season. Now, and assuming that the season is over, it is time to look at the full picture and summarize the main features. In the figure below the tracks of the 19 storms that developed in the season are shown. The … Continue reading “Summary of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season”

Setting the thermostat: an introduction to geoengineering

Over the course of two days starting on 8th November around 150 people gathered in the hallowed halls of the Royal Society to debate the future. And not just any future. It is a future humanity as a whole has difficulty grasping, and even more difficulty changing. The title of the discussion meeting was ‘Geoengineering: … Continue reading “Setting the thermostat: an introduction to geoengineering”

The case of the Missing Occlusion

It was a mild October’s day in Reading and the time had finally come for the eagerly anticipated MSc trip to Dorset, the aim being to ‘experience the weather’.  With the promise of weather, countryside walks, beer, and the odd balloon, spirits were high. We set off at lunchtime with the WCD forecast fresh in … Continue reading “The case of the Missing Occlusion”