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The perennial question of a whether we will have a white Christmas has returned! In Weather and Climate Discussion, many forecasts have been scrutinised, but exactly how snow forms has not really been discussed.  In this article I will answer the following questions: how does snow form; and will there be a white Christmas this […]

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Communicating climate variability

Our evolving climate: communicating the effects of internal variability [Part of an article to appear in ‘Weather’] It is “very likely” that humans have caused most of the warming of the Earth’s climate since the mid-20th century; this was a key conclusion of the 4th Assessment Report (AR4; Solomon et al., 2007) of the Intergovernmental […]

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A turbulent year for the public face of climate science

The last year has been a turbulent period for the public face of climate science. It was a year when the credibility of climate science was attacked and the impact of events is still reverberating. Below is an account of the main events and my personal comments on their impact. At a recent Westminster Energy, […]

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