Irene the media and waffle house.

Following on from Ray’s very interesting blog below on the predictions for Irene a few follow up pieces in the US media caught my attention over the last few days.

My interest in public communication was piqued by this great piece by the always fascinating Nate Silver. The piece compares the media attention received by Irene in the US with other major landfalling hurricanes and concludes that although there was a great deal of hype this was proportionate to the scale of the damage caused by Irene. You can also hear a nice summary in this interview on NPR’s On the Media (also look further down the same episode for some really interesting commentary on retraction in science).

Finally, see the Wall Street Journal for an interesting piece on the recovery from Irene, with a focus on the iconic Waffle House (yes I’ve been, and yes they really do look like that) chain of restaurants.

As we approach the start of term, I’m also looking for new blogger for the site, so if you have something you’d like to say on any topic associated with Weather and Climate please let me know.

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