The 2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole

A remarkable event occurs each springtime in the Antarctic (Sept-Oct-Nov) lower stratosphere – a dramatic depletion of ozone in a period of just a few weeks. It has not always been this way. Ozone amounts can be measured in many ways. One useful measure is the total number of ozone molecules above a square centimetre … Continue reading “The 2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole”

summer weather and food production

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that summer 2012 has seen some pretty unusual conditions. In the UK its officially been the second wettest summer (June, July and August) since records began with only 1912 being wetter. The only exception was the NW of Scotland with somewhat drier than average conditions. This of course followed … Continue reading “summer weather and food production”

Blood Rain for Halloween?

Last week you might have been forgiven for thinking there would be something spooky in the weather for Halloween, with several news websites were pushing headlines along the lines of: So what is ‘blood rain’ and was there any truth in these headlines? Every year, millions of tonnes of Saharan dust are lifted from the … Continue reading “Blood Rain for Halloween?”