2012 Hurricane season wrap-up

By Ray Bell The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season officially ended on Saturday as a ‘very unusual‘ year with an abnormally large 19 tropical storms forming and curiously only 1 making it to Category 3 strength. A typical hurricane season has 12 tropical storms, 6 of which are hurricanes and 3 of which are major hurricanes. … Continue reading “2012 Hurricane season wrap-up”

The Atlantic Tropical Storm Seasonal Forecast 2012

By Ray Bell, It’s that time of year again, when sea surface temperatures (SSTs) are warming up in the northern hemisphere, which allows the tropics to become more conducive for tropical storm formation. Warm waters are needed to provide the storm’s with a source of energy. These tropical storms, if they make landfall, can become … Continue reading “The Atlantic Tropical Storm Seasonal Forecast 2012”

3rd most active Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end

By Ray Bell Wednesday 30th November saw the end of an exceptionally active Atlantic hurricane season. This season produced 19 tropical storms (wind speeds > 38 mph), from which 7 reached hurricane strength (>73 mph) and 3 major hurricane strength (>110mph) (see figure below – or you can watch this animation of the hurricane season … Continue reading “3rd most active Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end”

Come on Irene

Hurricane Irene is currently travelling over warm Gulf Stream waters to the east of Florida, maintaining wind speeds of 110mph (sitting on the category 3 Saffir-Simpson Scale border), and is expected to make landfall in North Carolina mid day tomorrow (Saturday). Its current forecast track then takes Irene along the heavily populated east coast (with … Continue reading “Come on Irene”

The Atlantic Hurricane Seasonal Forecast 2011

Tropical cyclones (known as hurricanes in the North Atlantic) have huge economical and social effects including destruction of properties, influencing the price of gas and oil, and can cause substantial loss of life. When I decided to do my PhD, starting last October, on Tropical cyclones and climate change, motivation wasn’t hard to come by. … Continue reading “The Atlantic Hurricane Seasonal Forecast 2011”