Blood Rain for Halloween?

Last week you might have been forgiven for thinking there would be something spooky in the weather for Halloween, with several news websites were pushing headlines along the lines of: So what is ‘blood rain’ and was there any truth in these headlines? Every year, millions of tonnes of Saharan dust are lifted from the … Continue reading “Blood Rain for Halloween?”

A day in the life of a mission scientist

During June 2011 I was involved in some long-awaited fieldwork in Africa. The purpose of the fieldwork was to obtain measurements of the sparsely observed Sahara Desert (see image showing locations of synops and AERONET stations) in order to better understand Saharan climate. In particular, we want to understand how the Saharan heat low develops … Continue reading “A day in the life of a mission scientist”

Is pollution making Central London duller?

The “direct effect” of aerosols is well known: particles in the atmosphere scatter solar radiation back out to space, reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. Atmospheric aerosols originate from both natural sources (such as dust and wind-blown sea salt) and from anthropogenic sources – such as sulphate, nitrate and … Continue reading “Is pollution making Central London duller?”