Watering the garden in April – how unusual is this?

Gardeners among the readership of this blog may already be watering their seeds in an attempt to ensure germination and early growth, and may be wondering how common this activity is (over the years) given the fact that spring is only halfway sprung and the past winter was not that dry overall. One observation carried … Continue reading “Watering the garden in April – how unusual is this?”

A wet winter – and what might come next?

Much has been written/spoken in recent weeks about the amount of rain that has fallen this winter (December-February) in southern England (and other regions) of the United Kingdom. But several other interesting facts appear to have been overlooked in the almost daily (at times) deluge of information above high winds, heavy rainfall, high tides and … Continue reading “A wet winter – and what might come next?”

December 2013-January 2014 in Reading: Wet and, at times, stormy

A brief overview After a dry start to December 2013 (just 11.3 mm of rain fell in the 33 days ending 0900 UTC on 15 December at the Department’s weather station) there was an abrupt change in the weather that was to last for over three weeks. Many others have, over recent days, written and … Continue reading “December 2013-January 2014 in Reading: Wet and, at times, stormy”

The summer of 2013 in Reading

The first five months of the year in Reading had been cool – with an average temperature 1.8 degC below normal. After the coldest May in Reading for 17 years, June continued in the same vein – being 0.9 degC colder than average and the coldest June (along with June 2012) since 1991. However, in … Continue reading “The summer of 2013 in Reading”

2012-2013 – a long winter and a cold Easter

The winter of 2012-13 definitely extended into late March (and, as I write this, into early April). Figure 1 (courtesy of Mike Stroud, our meteorological observer) sums up why it failed to feel like spring towards the end of the month. Shown in red are the daily values of the maximum and minimum air temperatures … Continue reading “2012-2013 – a long winter and a cold Easter”