Spilling the beans on climate change

By Hannah Parker Geography students studying ‘Resilience for Sustainable Development’ had a change from their normal lecture format recently, and instead played a game. This wasn’t just for fun though, as ‘serious gaming’ is becoming a popular way of sharing complex information with a range of potential users and giving them opportunity to discuss its … Continue reading “Spilling the beans on climate change”

The ozone layer shows first signs of recovery, but …

By Michaela I. Hegglin Just over two weeks ago, the United Nations (UN) held a press conference in New York to announce the release of the Assessment for Decision Makers (ADM), a summary document of the WMO/UNEP Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2014. The report is the work of a UN panel of 300 scientists from … Continue reading “The ozone layer shows first signs of recovery, but …”

Where will the future take the South Asian monsoon?

Understanding and predicting the summer monsoon in South Asia is important for more than a billion people since their lives depend on the four summer months (June to September) to bring 80% of annual rainfall. Knowledge of the timing, intensity and duration of the monsoon are important for agriculture and industry, while extreme rainfall can … Continue reading “Where will the future take the South Asian monsoon?”

Tornado season 2011

The spring of 2011 will likely be remembered as one of the most extreme tornado seasons ever to occur in the United States. As of June 16th there had been a total of 1482 tornado reports since the start of the year, with 537 deaths from 56 killer tornadoes, and an estimated $20 billion worth … Continue reading “Tornado season 2011”