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Weather forecasters face storm of criticism – so is it time for a new look?

By Andrew Charlton-Perez Former BBC weather forecaster Bill Giles’ criticism of weather forecasts raises questions about how weather is communicated generally. Mr Giles has hit out at forecasters for regularly warning the public about the potential consequences of imminent severe weather, arguing they are ‘behaving like nannies’ and could cause the public to become ‘immune’ […]

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Open Access week – and atmospheric effects of solar eclipses

Next week is ‘Open Access Week’ , and to celebrate this, all Royal Society journal content will be completely free to access from Friday 21 October until 6 November. Solar eclipses rarely cross populated regions, but provide great opportunities both for science and science outreach when they do. The recent 20 March 2015 solar eclipse […]

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GUEST BLOG: Talking sensible science when wondering about the weather

By Georgina Glaser, Voice of Young Science member Talking about science when you’re a PhD student seems like it should be an obvious prerequisite and an easy task. For some people, it is. For others, it is far more difficult. Reasons for this can be the intimidation of other scientists who you believe ‘know more […]

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