Winter weather – and cycling in Reading

By Roger Brugge This tongue-in-cheek look at Reading’s weather in winter and its relationship to cycling safety was prompted by a couple of ice-related accidents experienced by members of staff during the cold and foggy weather of the morning of 24 January 2017 while cycling over the new cycle/pedestrian bridge in the town. The University’s … Continue reading “Winter weather – and cycling in Reading”

No heatwave in Reading in July 2016 – but two in December 2015!

By Roger Brugge Maybe the title of this piece may seem rather odd – but then ‘what is a heatwave?’ Perhaps surprisingly, in the UK there is no accepted definition for a heatwave. The Met Office tend to use the World Meteorological Organization definition of a heatwave which is “when the daily maximum temperature of … Continue reading “No heatwave in Reading in July 2016 – but two in December 2015!”

Was the weather of June 2016 really that bad?

By Roger Brugge Yes, there were frequent thunderstorms, some localised flooding and a lack of very high temperatures – but then is this really unusual for June in Reading (or southern England)? Or might it just be a matter of ‘rose-tinted glasses’ leading us to expect scorchingly-hot/dry weather in June – and the fact that … Continue reading “Was the weather of June 2016 really that bad?”

Not yet Christmas, but has spring sprung?

By Roger Brugge This may seem a strange question, but it was prompted by the sight of flowering daffodils alongside the A4 through Maidenhead on 12 December 2015 (Figure 1). Figure 1. Flowering daffodils along the A4 in Maidenhead, on 12 December 2015 In order to bloom, daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs must be exposed … Continue reading “Not yet Christmas, but has spring sprung?”

An unusually dull, but mild, start to November

By Roger Brugge “Persistent low cloud, spells of fog, minimal amounts of sunshine and night-time temperatures more suited to September.”  Such a description of the weather of the past ten days or so had me reaching for the records to try to place the recent weather conditions into a historical context. Temperature Daytime temperatures of … Continue reading “An unusually dull, but mild, start to November”

Phew! What a scorcher!

By Stephen Burt These were typical newspaper headlines earlier this week. So how did we fare in Reading? We did set one extraordinary record during this short-lived hot spell. We have daily temperature records for the university back to 1908, and as well as maximum and minimum temperatures these include the air temperature observed at … Continue reading “Phew! What a scorcher!”

An analogue forecast for winter 2014/15 in Reading

By Roger Brugge Reluctant as I am to do long-range predictions, analysis of Reading data for the period 1961-2010 suggests the following: Rainfall – 2014 has given us a dry September and (already) a wet October. Let’s assume that overall autumn rainfall is close to normal. After an autumn with normal rainfall the likelihood of winter … Continue reading “An analogue forecast for winter 2014/15 in Reading”