Summary of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Throughout the summer I have updated the blog on the progress of the hurricane season. Now, and assuming that the season is over, it is time to look at the full picture and summarize the main features. In the figure below the tracks of the 19 storms that developed in the season are shown. The … Continue reading “Summary of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season”

Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona

Earl is a powerful Category 3 hurricane now located northeast of the Bahamas. As of 9:00 a.m., UTC, Hurricane Earl was located at 24.0°N, 71.2°W, or 175 miles (280km) north of Grand Turk Island and 815 miles (1315km) south-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina with maximum sustained winds of 125mph (205kph). Earl is moving to … Continue reading “Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona”