Fujiwhara Effect

The Fujiwhara effect describes the rotation of two storms around each other. It’s most common with tropical cyclones but also occurs in other cases. A good way to picture this is to think of two ice skaters who skate quickly towards each other, nearly on a collision course, grab hands as they are about to … Continue reading “Fujiwhara Effect”

Tropical Parade in the Atlantic

While most of the attention is focused on Hurricane Earl, tropical storms Fiona and Gaston (and a strong tropical wave off Africa) complete the tropical parade in the Atlantic. As of 12:00 UTC, Hurricane Earl was located about 355 miles (575km) south of Cape Hatteras. Earl has maximum sustained winds of 145mph (230kph) as it … Continue reading “Tropical Parade in the Atlantic”

Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona

Earl is a powerful Category 3 hurricane now located northeast of the Bahamas. As of 9:00 a.m., UTC, Hurricane Earl was located at 24.0°N, 71.2°W, or 175 miles (280km) north of Grand Turk Island and 815 miles (1315km) south-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina with maximum sustained winds of 125mph (205kph). Earl is moving to … Continue reading “Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona”