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Weather index insurance helps African farmers

By Emily Black The 886 million Africans who depend on subsistence agriculture are highly vulnerable to weather-related agricultural risk.  This vulnerability is exacerbated by a lack of access to insurance. A cheap and practical alternative to traditional insurance is weather … Continue reading

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Meteorology student life at Reading

By Pete Inness We’ve now had 3 weeks of the Autumn Term and the undergraduate students at Reading are already taking part in a number of activities to get them out of the classroom and experience some of the more … Continue reading

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What a strange summer we’ve had!

By Roger Brugge Statistics for Reading show that July was the eighth consecutive warmer-than-average month on campus, before August (average temperature 15.8 ⁰C) turned cool enough for the summer to be just 0.1 degC warmer than average. But summer was … Continue reading

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Healthy eating, healthy planet?

By Joy Singarayer Roughly 37% of all land on Earth is being used for agriculture (Reference 1, Figure 1), and with population projected at 9 billion by 2050 and more people consuming a western-style meat-rich diet some studies expect food production will … Continue reading

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