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Climate change and the Indian monsoon: another emissions problem

By Andy Turner I wrote a year or so ago about the forecast for the (then) forthcoming summer monsoon season. India was worried about the possible effect of a predicted El Niño on the rainfall total; El Niño is normally associated … Continue reading

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Sea Ice: a story of cracks

By Harry Heorton Ice, on a scale you can hold in your hands, is a brittle material. When it deforms it cracks into smaller pieces. Imagine hitting an ice cube with a hammer: lots of smaller pieces of ice. They … Continue reading

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Zeppelins at nine o’clock …

By Stephen Burt One of the interesting and rather unexpected benefits of compiling One hundred years of Reading weather, the book Roger Brugge and I have written as part of the Department’s 50th anniversary commemoration, was the unexpected insights provided into … Continue reading

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The use of global climate models (GCMs) for climate risk assessment

By Alison Cobb Extreme weather events, including (amongst others) tropical cyclones, can lead to huge socio-economic losses. The insurance industry, and risk management in general, is particularly sensitive to weather-related catastrophic events, and the impact of climate variability and climate … Continue reading

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