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Volcanoes as rain magnets

By Geoff Wadge When we have a very large volcanic eruption (as for example Mt Pinatubo in 1991) it gets global news coverage, not least because of its potential to perturb the climate. Whether smaller eruptions get widely noticed usually … Continue reading

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Meteorology PhD theses digitised

By Catherine Turner The Meteorology department at Reading is internationally renowned for its research. This research includes hundreds of theses for which we regularly receive requests for copies.  As the department’s librarian, I wanted to digitise our collection of theses … Continue reading

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Disentangling forecast errors

By Oscar Martínez-Alvarado In a previous blog entry I discussed the factors contributing to errors in weather forecasts. These factors were sensitivity to initial conditions, incomplete knowledge of the atmosphere’s state and incomplete representation of the laws of physics governing the … Continue reading

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Summer in the City – Materials, 3D Morphology and Urban Surface Temperatures

By Simone Kotthaus Who would have guessed that a zebra-crossing could go viral without a band walking across?! But this year it happened to pictures of a road in Delhi, India as the asphalt softened under soaring heat-wave conditions that … Continue reading

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