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West Australian heatwaves and bush fires

By Mike Blackburn As winter begins in Reading and snow already blankets the Alps, turn your thoughts for a moment to the southern hemisphere where extreme heat and bush fires are among the concerns of Australian forecasters at the beginning … Continue reading

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First snow of winter … brr!

By Tom Frame Following on from Chris Westbrook’s excellent exposition on the beauty of snow flakes, nature has been kind enough to provide many of us with our first snowfall of the winter this weekend – Reading included (if only … Continue reading

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Snowflakes – not just a pretty picture!

By Chris Westbrook The slow, inexorable approach of Christmas means that Christmas adverts are now increasing in frequency at an incredible rate. Nauseating John Lewis offerings aside, we are going to be seeing a lot of snowflake-based imagery over the … Continue reading

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Can we improve the way we forecast the weather in three weeks time?

By Andrew Charlton-Perez This week at the University of Reading is enhancement week and I’ve also been spending some time learning about an area of science which I don’t know so well and which is developing fast at the ECMWF … Continue reading

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What will we have for launch?

By Chris Merchant We live during an era of Earth Explorers … not intrepid adventurers, but a series of Earth-orbiting satellites, bristling with experimental technology designed to quantify various aspects of the environments of our planet. Four Earth Explorers have … Continue reading

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