THE BRAVE PROJECT – Annual meeting, January 2017, Ghana

By Galine Yanon – Walker Institute

The overall objective of the BRAVE project is to quantify the impacts of climatic variability and change on groundwater supplies from low storage aquifers in Africa.

More than 40 institutions from Burkina Faso, Ghana and UK attended the BRAVE Project annual general meeting, held in Accra, Ghana, 24-26 January 2017. These institutions are direct and indirect partners of the Project. The meeting commenced with a project meeting and discussions around work packages, from WP1 to WP5.

After the opening session and presentation of the Agenda, Professor Rosalind Cornforth, PI of the project and Director of the Walker Institute, presented an overview of the UpGro consortium (composed of 5 projects) and the BRAVE Project in order to give a better understanding of the ongoing work to the participants. This overview was really important because some partners were not directly engaged in the different activities of the project.

One of the objectives of BRAVE is the capacity building of early career researchers and the benefit of the project for the communities engaged through in-country partners (CARE International in Ghana, Christian-Aid and Reseau Marp in Burkina Faso). So, after the overview, discussions focused on the different work packages of the Project:

  • WP1 presented by Dr Henny Osbahr, into the Understanding of vulnerability in the communities;
  • WP2 presented by Dr Galine Yanon, into the Understanding of Decision-making Pathways, Governance Structures and Institutional Influence;
  • WP3 and WP4, presented by David Macdonald, into the Improvement of our understanding of the hydroclimate and strategic planning and adaptive capacity; and
  • WP5 by Professor Rosalind Cornforth, Delivering Evidence and Demonstrating Resilience.

The Program Coordination Group (PCG) across all project of the Consortium was also presented to participants.

Further information on later stages in the meeting and its outcomes can be found in Galine’s reports on the Walker Institute website.

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