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A new early warning and decision support system: TAMSAT-ALERT

By Emily Black A new early warning and decision support system: TAMSAT-ALERT  For subsistence farmers in Africa, decisions on what variety of crop to grow, when to plant, and when to apply fertilizer are of life and death importance. The … Continue reading

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Laboratory experiments investigating falling snowflakes

By: Mark McCorquodale In the UK there are, on average, just 23.7 days of snowfall or sleet a year. However, precipitation in the form of ice crystals, or snowflakes, is an important feature within the atmosphere, both in the UK … Continue reading

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ESMValTool : An Evaluation Tool for Earth System Models

By: Ranjini Swaminathan Global Climate Models are computer programs that simulate the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, land surface, and the effects of these components on one another. Earth System Models (ESMs) are global climate models that include biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial … Continue reading

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North Atlantic post-tropical cyclones

By Alexander Baker Figure 1: The 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season. Ophelia’s location stands out from the typical tracks of North Atlantic tropical cyclones during the active 2017 season. Selected major hurricanes occurring during 2017 – Irma, Jose and Maria – … Continue reading

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