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Estimating the risks of climate change: what are the effects of climate policy?

By Nigel Arnell I am writing this from Beijing, where the 13th National People’s Congress has just reaffirmed the Chinese commitment to control future emissions of greenhouse gases and meet the aspirations of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Standing up for Science workshop in London

By Amulya Chevuturi On recently attending the “Standing up for Science workshop” in London, organized by “Voice of Young Science” (VoYS), I got a glimpse of the implications of my science beyond my own desk at work. I went to this … Continue reading

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Abrupt climate change at the Royal Meteorological Society

By Joy Singarayer Recently I was excited to be invited to attend and talk at a Royal Meteorological Society meeting in London on abrupt climate change since the last ice age. The scope of the meeting was to highlight mechanisms … Continue reading

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THE BRAVE PROJECT – Annual meeting, January 2017, Ghana

By Galine Yanon – Walker Institute The overall objective of the BRAVE project is to quantify the impacts of climatic variability and change on groundwater supplies from low storage aquifers in Africa. More than 40 institutions from Burkina Faso, Ghana … Continue reading

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A PhD student’s overview of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2016

By David Flack Last week (18 – 22 April) 13,650 scientists from 109 countries descended upon Vienna for the European Geosciences Union (EGU) general assembly. This includes a range of different disciplines, not just those associated with meteorology and hydrology, … Continue reading

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Can we improve the way we forecast the weather in three weeks time?

By Andrew Charlton-Perez This week at the University of Reading is enhancement week and I’ve also been spending some time learning about an area of science which I don’t know so well and which is developing fast at the ECMWF … Continue reading

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Aviation, weather and climate

By Keith Shine Last week, the Government’s Airports Commission published its Final Report with recommendations on future UK airport capacity, which made headline news. It is leading to renewed debate about aviation growth and its impact on people’s lives, the economy … Continue reading

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How does the weather in the polar regions affect that in the mid-latitudes?

By Jonathan Day Rapid climate change in the Arctic has led many to question what impact these changes are having on weather in the mid-latitudes. Last week scientists from the Reading’s Department of Meteorology attended the International workshop on polar-lower … Continue reading

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Surface Temperature of Earth – making connections

By Chris Merchant “Surface temperature” might seem to be a straightforward concept at first, but look more carefully, and things soon become rather complex. The temperatures quoted in the weather forecast are intended to represent the air temperature a metre … Continue reading

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Tosca’s kiss – the effects of energetic particles on the atmosphere

By Giles Harrison, Professor of Atmospheric Physics The Sun is usually thought of as a fundamental source of visible radiation, but it also provides both a source of, and controlling influence on energetic particles which arrive in the earth’s atmosphere. … Continue reading

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