Biodiversity Records Collection

A question for many of the other authors of the blog!

For students and other members. Where are many of the species records on campus from plants-mammals-insects including natives and planted individuals kept on campus ?

Is this information all fragmented or been compiled into one place for use?

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As a student of Ecology and Conservation at Reading University i am very interested many other insect groups, botany and the interaction in nature. Over a number of blogs I hope to pass my knowledge to others but also gain from the many other interesting posts.
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  1. Justin,

    The answer the that question is simple: last summer I was given a grant by the faculty director of teaching and learning to start bringing together biodiversity information that was available around campus. In just 10 days of focused work the student employed on that project brought together several thousand records into a closed Blackboard site. This summer I have a UROP studentship available for 6 weeks of employment for a student between second and third year and this placement will allow the conversion of some of the closed files into open ones via this blog. We have a good plant list for campus, a bird list, a short earthworm list, a butterfly list for the Harris Garden and many other resources. See for more details.


  2. This is excellent, hopefully lecturers and students etc can help expand this resource over the coming year by looking into the more uncommon groups and carrying out yearly plant surveys etc
    Possibly plot this data into some mapping software etc ?

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