Happy Birthday – Whiteknights Biodiversity!

It seems hardly possible that this blog has already run for a year. What started as an experiment to try to communicate the amazing biodiversity of our University campus has developed in to an fun interactive teaching tool to which more than 40 students have contributed and which has drawn in a range of staff from around campus.

A fairly basic scan with Google Analytics shows that we have had over a thousand visitors in the past four months and nearly 2.5 thousand page visits. The countries generating the most visits are UK, USA and France. These three are then followed by a rather eclectic mix: Albania, Spain, Iran, Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium and Colombia. Thank you for visiting!

Over the next three months there will be a lot of new information posted on the blog linked to the UROP studentship the University has funded this summer. There are also five final year undergraduate students who will be developing the blog for their dissertation between now and March next year. They will be introducing themselves in due course. It looks as if the next year of the blog will be very lively.

About Alastair Culham

A professional botanist and biologist with an interest in promoting biological knowledge and awareness to all.
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